The Big Nerd Way

A million years ago (okay, more like eleven years ago) we created the Big Nerd Ranch to broaden the minds of our students and the businesses of our clients. To guide us on our path, we developed a philosophy we call the Big Nerd Way. And guess what? In the last decade, everything has changed. Except that philosophy. The Big Nerd Way still guides our every move - and we’re a better company for it.

Right Instructors

Our instructors are the brightest and most effective group in the industry. They’re fascinating individuals, and while they’re always busy teaching, they never stop learning.

Right Materials

Whether it’s our course materials or the tools we use to create apps for our clients, we’re always updating them to stay at the cutting edge of our business.

Right Atmosphere

At the ranch, we create a distraction-free environment to help students really learn. Back at the office, we create a little more chaos to keep the energy and interest of all the nerds who work with us.

Right Approach

We approach everything with creativity and imagination - and we encourage everyone to do the same. Staying curious is the best way we’ve found to find a better solution to anything.

Right Technology

The right technology is the foundation for everything we build and everything we teach. We arm our students with the knowledge they need to develop across platforms. And the first step in building a great app? Identify the right technology for the project.

Right Focus

Focused and flexible; we build our technologies, methods and courses so that they may adapt to the needs of our diverse clients and students, not the other way around.

Write Code

We write great code. That’s what we do. It’s what we love. Another thing we love? Teaching our students to write great code.

Write Applications

Whether we’re creating an app for a client or developing one of our own, we have three goals for every product we make: get noticed, get downloaded, and get used.