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You have an idea for your company’s mobile app. Nay, let’s go so far as to call it a vision for that business-building mobile app. However, you are not a mobile app developer. Can we propose a simple solution? Hire the mobile app development experts at Big Nerd Ranch.

Have an idea for a consumer-facing app to create loyalty for your brand? We can help. Need a built-from-scratch app to optimize internal workflow? You got it.

Our developers and in-house UI/UX experts will bring your vision to life with end-to-end development of elegant, native apps for desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as the web. Applications that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, we might add.

How to Wrangle a Nerd

Truth be told, most of our Nerds are software engineers. They live to turn problems into elegant solutions. Of course, that doesn’t mean we do things willy-nilly around here. We have a buttoned-up process for creating the right solution to your toughest mobile challenges. Check out Our Process

Our Nerds, Our Artists.

Our developers love a good challenge. Go ahead. Pose a sticky wicket of a problem to our team and see what happens. Spoiler alert: You’ll get an elegant, native application for the device of your choice. And when it comes to our UI/UX guys? Well, let’s just say, if you’ve never seen everything and the kitchen sink tucked into an app that still looks fantastic, you’ve got to meet these guys.

Wheel Re-Inventing Not Required

Looking for something a little less “built from scratch” and a little more “off-the-shelf”? Good news! The latest addition to the Big Nerd Ranch - our mobile apps division - is busy building apps that offer all the convenience of an off-the-shelf solution. A catalog app for sales folks. A waiting list app for restaurants. A real-time, in-class quizzing app for teachers. And as our mobile apps team grows, so will our offerings. Check out our growing collection of Big Nerd Ranch Apps.

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