What We Do

What does our app development team do? Obviously, they develop mobile apps. But not just any apps. World-class, built-from-scratch, back-to-front-end solutions that turn your ideas into badass native apps for desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices. (Yes. We said badass.)

Apps for Consumers

The mobile revolution is in full swing. Okay, you already know that. But did you know that you can grow your business, engage your customers and corner the market in your category—all in one fell swoop? That’s what we thought. Work with our Nerds, explain your vision and watch them build a custom app that brings your idea or your brand to life. And then the world is your oyster. How do we know? Because our developers consistently create some of the App Store’s most intriguing applications around.

Apps for Your Workforce

It wasn’t that long ago when someone made up the name “enterprise apps” to refer to internal apps used at companies around the globe. Some optimize workflow. Some give sales guys easy access to HQ from the road. Others keep it simple, like letting you schedule a conference room. (Granted, someone will still run overtime or leave behind scraps of deli sandwiches and mustard packets, but there’s only so much technology can do. Sorry.) When you’re looking to develop an app for your employees—no matter what your vision and goal—we’ll sit down with you to map out a plan of attack. If your challenge lies in integrating with your current internal infrastructure or making sure security is tight, no worries. We have the team to help you map out your mobile architecture, strategy, design and support plan, to boot. Want examples? Not to toot our own horn, but our clients have been pretty excited about our apps.

Mobile Optimized Websites

We’ve all been there: Using our phone to find something online, only to find the site we’re looking for isn’t optimized for mobile. So we get... Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. The good news? All that can be avoided with a mobile-friendly version of a site. (In the biz, that’s called “mobile web optimization,” but “mobile-friendly” is so much nicer, don’t you think?) Users need to have a good experience when accessing your site via mobile. And you can give it to them. The best part? You can give it to everyone—no matter what device they’re using—without having to create a separate app for each platform. That’s the beauty of mobile optimized apps. So back to what we’ll deliver. At Big Nerd Ranch, we won’t just “un-flash” your site and move a few things around. We’ll create a new, lightweight, highly functional mobile site that makes viewing your content and interacting with your brand perfect for on-the-go, location-based, bite-sized consumption. All based on the work you’ve already done for your website. Hello, efficiencies!

Form and Function
Killer UI/UX Design

User experience is important. Really important. If an app makes you feel frustrated, confused, irritated or—worst of all—like you could blow something up if you hit the wrong button, what do you think that means for your brand or company? Right. The user will be frustrated, confused and irritated that you just wasted their time with a confusing app. There. We said it. This is precisely where good UI/UX design comes into play. And this is more than just great graphic design. This is understanding the nuances of every device to make sure the app delivers a user interface that is functional, intuitive and—of course—easy on the eyes. Our design team works side-by-side with our developers to harmoniously create the best user experience possible: smart, easy to navigate and beautiful.