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  • Brian Gardner's Headshot
    Brian Gardner

    Introduction to Gradle

    As Android Studio moves closer to release, more and more projects are being moved over to this new IDE. One major stumbling block people often run into is Android Studio integration with Gradle. In this blog post, I hope to shed some light on what Gradle is, what it can do for you and some ways you can use it with your applications.

  • Bill Phillips's Headshot
    Bill Phillips

    Real Talk About Lollipops

    Android 5.0 Lollipop arrived last Thursday, with much hoopla. Unquestionably, Lollipop is the most significant Android release since Android 3.0 Honeycomb over three and a half years ago. Here's what we're looking forward to.

  • Robert Edwards's Headshot
    Robert Edwards

    New in Core Data and iOS 8: Asynchronous Fetching

    Using Core Data in a multi-threaded environment has always required a deep understanding of the framework and a healthy dose of patience. Asynchronous fetching is not necessarily a feature of a multi-threaded Core Data environment. However, its ability to alleviate a common performance issue could potentially free you up from the added complexity of a multi-threaded CoreData stack.

  • Ashley Putnam's Headshot
    Ashley Putnam

    iOS 8 Demo: Universal Storyboards and Adaptive UI

    With the addition of two new iPhone sizes, designers and developers will have to be more flexible in their layouts. In this demo, I give a quick overview of Universal Storyboards and Adaptive UI in iOS 8, and how they impact design and development.

  • Tasha Schroeder's Headshot
    Tasha Schroeder

    iOS 8 Demo: Asynchronous Testing With Xcode 6

    In 2013, Apple shipped a revamped testing framework in Xcode called XCTest, and this year, they've shipped a few features with Xcode 6 that were missing from last year's update. In this video, Sean McCune gives a quick demo of those features.

  • Zack Simon's Headshot
    Zack Simon

    How iOS 8 Will Change App Design

    Designers need to be aware of many new features when it comes to designing for iOS 8 apps. Extensions, device sizes and frameworks like HealthKit and HomeKit all have an impact. In this demo, I talk about the ways that iOS 8 changes app design.