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    Mark Dalrymple

    File it Away

    Sometimes you stumble across a file. It might be something random in your Documents folder. It might be something a parent or a client sent you. Unfortunately, you have no idea what it might be. Files don't have to have extensions on the Mac, so there's not much hint what "Flongnozzle-2012" might contain. But if you're comfortable in the Terminal, you have some built-in tools to help you identify files.

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    Kristin Marsicano

    News From Google I/O: Android Everywhere

    Sitting in the Google I/O keynote yesterday, one thing became apparent to me: Android is everywhere. I was well aware that Android is used all over the world, but Android will very soon not just be on many people's phones in many diverse locations, but on many devices that a single person interacts with on a daily basis.

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    Kurt Nelson

    ART Theory: Replacing Dalvik with Android Runtime

    The Android Open Source Project has recently seen commit activity indicating that the Android Runtime (ART), included in KitKat, is going to very soon replace Dalvik, which has been executing your apps since the beginning of Android. If everything goes according to plan, users will not notice a thing. Developers shouldn't have to do anything at all if they only use the Android SDK, and make minor updates if they use the NDK improperly.

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    Kurt Nelson

    The State of the Weariverse

    Wearables are becoming ubiquitous. Every day, it feels like there's some new fitness tracker with a slightly different set of sensors and an entirely new app/API/website/life-changing-experience/yet-another-account-to-set-up. And fitness trackers are only the most popular bastion of wearable computing. Once you start counting the many devices that used to be released as a USB peripheral and are now being updated to use Bluetooth Low Energy and a rechargeable battery, the list of wearables becomes even larger than the number of Android devices available.

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    Todd Gandee

    Learning from CSSConf

    This year's CSSConf was filled with incredible talks from seasoned speakers and amazing first-time speakers alike. Ever since I made it back home, I've been thinking about this event.

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    Molly Daly

    Join Us for Google I/O

    We're getting ready for Google I/O! Join our knowledgeable Nerds in San Francisco and at our Intergalactic HQ in Atlanta to discuss the conference's latest announcements.

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    Mark Dalrymple

    Learning SDKs

    After WWDC, there are new SDKs (Software Development Kits), APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and new languages to play around with, along with the usual extensions to existing interfaces. Getting up to speed quickly with a new SDK, especially a pre-release SDK, can mean the difference between having a good time with new software toys or becoming angry and making those around you miserable.