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Advanced Mac OS X Programming (3rd Edition)

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There are plenty of books on programming for Mac OS X. We get it. But none of them explain how to leverage the power of its underlying technologies. This guide delivers the goods on everything from multi-threading and performance tuning to an overview of the tools.

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About the Book

Find out how to leverage the powerful underlying technologies of Mac OS X by getting into the real nitty-gritty of multi-threading, interprocess communication, networking, performance tuning, distributed objects, kqueues, Bonjour, authentication, the keychain, and directory services. The tools are also covered: gcc, gdb, subversion, Shark, and Saturn.
Programmers who are new to the platform will appreciate the guide's learn-while-doing approach. Each chapter introduces or further develops an application that's been carefully designed and tested to teach concepts and provide real experience. Some apps are small stubs completed in a chapter. Others span chapters and offer practice working with complex apps and advanced tools like Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments.

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“Mark and Aaron's Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming quickly became my favorite development book. It was the first book to cover the advanced topics not discussed elsewhere. I excitedly read it from cover to cover, eagerly eating up the information on topics I had never examined before. Advanced Mac OS X Programming is an incredible sequel, covering the new Mac OS X technologies that have emerged since. This book goes into a level of detail not offered by other documentation, but also includes easy to follow examples. After reading it, you'll impress your peers with your clear understanding of advanced Mac OS X programming.”

— John A. Vink, television host and software engineer

“Advanced Mac OS X Programming has long been a required text and source of curriculum for my 10-week Mac and iOS programming course. This new edition brings anticipated updates covering the latest Apple developer technologies. The fresh content keeps this classic book relevant and critical to programmers of all levels working on Apple's platforms. There is simply no other collection of published material that covers these advanced topics with equal depth and skill.”

— Chris Parrish, co-founder of RogueSheep, Incorporated, Mac and iOS programming instructor

"Many books will introduce you to the basics of Mac OS X programming. Advanced Mac OS X Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide aims for much more, laying out a course for becoming a seasoned expert in many of the nitty-gritty details of developing for the platform."

— Daniel Jalkut, Red Sweater Software