You are traveling to a place in another time and dimension. A place where there are no distractions, and only one thing matters.

Welcome to... nerd bootcamp.

See, here's the thing. You've got a lot to learn, and not much time to learn it. That's why we call it a bootcamp and not a vacation. At our Ranches, the closest you'll get to a tour bus will be our shuttles that whisk you from the airport to the front steps of your classroom. In class, your instructor is your tour guide, and what he or she has to show you will focus solely on app development—which is pretty breathtaking in itself.

On this trek, we want you to think of nothing but code. You won't even have to worry about meals or accommodations, because we'll take care of both. To make it even more convenient, it's all neatly bundled into the all-inclusive tuition you pay.

Understand that you're not in this alone. Your instructors are always available to answer questions during open lab hours, which run pretty much anytime you're not in class.

And you'll be surrounded by classmates who are scratching their heads as furiously as you are. You'll learn from one another, clear your minds on afternoon hikes and overcome coding challenges you never dreamed of.

You're in for a week you'll never forget. Don’t believe us? Here's what our students have to say about the Big Nerd Ranch experience.


Atlanta, Georgia

Historic Banning Mills

Welcome to the original Ranch, an hour southwest of metro Atlanta at Historic Banning Mills, where it's quiet and cozy. The classrooms are charming and simple. But don't let the simplicity fool you. Here, friends, is where greatness is made.

After class, you'll enjoy your own cabin just a few steps away. Maybe you'll want to spend your off hours on your balcony, absorbing the day's lesson. Or maybe you'll be in a mood to join your classmates in hiking and zip lining through woods. But don't stay up too late; you've got a very busy week ahead of you.

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Monterey County, California


A Ranch in the West... What could be more natural? Forget about chores like pitching hay. Your only task here is to soak up the coding wisdom offered by our instructors in this lodge by the sea. At Big Nerd Ranch West, we're only 90 minutes away from the San Francisco area and three airports—so close, in fact, you can smell the silicon.

After class, rewind with your classmates, telling tales of love and app development around the fire ring. Or ponder together the vast possibilities of code as you stare out into the Pacific from the boardwalk. You'll emerge a better, stronger nerd.

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