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Why Do JavaScript Test Frameworks Use describe() and beforeEach()?

February 12, 2018 | Front-End
Why do the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks use the same peculiar API: `describe()`, `beforeEach()`, and `it()`? Why not just call your tests `test()`? This convention is often referred to as spec-style testing. It’s is falling into disfavor lately, and I think that’s largely due to a lack of understanding. Understanding their intent can help improve the quality of your tests.
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JSConf US and the Expanding Web

September 3, 2018 | Back-End | Front-End | Leveling Up
There is no doubt that the web is one of the most influential platform of our time. The power and impact of the web in recent years can largely be attributed to the explosion of JavaScript. It’s expansion out of the web browser and onto the server and other devices also continues to gain momentum. Along this journey, JavaScript has grown from a trivial “web-companion” scripting language to a standardized, robust programming language that is arguably the most-used of any in 2018. Due to its versatility and adaptability, as JavaScript creator Brendan Eich states, “always bet on JavaScript”.
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Choosing the Best Approach for React Event Handlers

May 30, 2018 | Front-End
One of React’s strengths is the simplicity of the code it allows you to create. There’s one part of React code that has always seemed overly complex to me, though: event handlers in class components. But a new experimental ECMAScript syntax for class properties provides a way to get code that is both clean and reliable. Does that mean we should use class properties for our event handlers?
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When React Native Makes Sense

November 12, 2018 | Clients | Front-End
There are three versions of the React Native story. One says that React Native is a silver bullet that allows you to ship two apps for the price of one. Another would have you believe that React Native is the same, disappointing cross-platform novelty we’ve seen before with familiar shortcomings. The third story is the truth, and it’s somewhere in the middle. When a project is aligned with React Native’s strengths, it’s a very attractive option. The following are some questions that you can consider to determine if React Native can benefit your organization or project.
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