Digital Product Development

We build brilliant digital products and teach others to do the same.


From startups to mature giants, we
partner with companies to transform their
vision to a reality.

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Engineers & designers trust our
instructors because they are best-selling
authors who work on Fortune 100 projects.

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Digital Projects We Build

Media & Tech

We partner with media and technology companies who are looking to keep their users engaged with a smooth and engaging experience resulting in increased downloads and improved app ratings.
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Internet of Things

We partner with companies seeking to make their users' lives easier by fusing automation into their everyday lives.
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Government Projects

We partner with government entities to build technology that enables them to help keep us safe.
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Fan-craved fitness and high-intensity fitness is on the rise. We partner with companies to help ensure users get the most out of their workout experience.
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Banking and FinTech are on the cutting edge of changing the daily lives of its users through a user-centric and secure experience.
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Internal Applications

In addition to public-facing apps, many organizations rely on internal apps for communication, efficiency, and risk management. We can take responsibility for your internal apps so your team can focus on other priorities.
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What do you need today?

Engineers &

Top talent to work with, or lead, your current team.

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Digital Product Development

Launch, or modernize, your current digital product to next level status.

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Individual &
Team Training

Quickly level-up skills in iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Web and more.

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Not happy with your current app, or digital product?

Whether your app is not performing as it should or simply needs a visual refresh, we can help you identify and prioritize your goals based on market demand.

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Engineers trust our books to guide their journey.

Our instructors and consultants are also authors who have been writing programming guides since 2001. Many, many Amazon stars later, we’re the proud authors of a series of best-selling programming books, and we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of programmers get on their way.

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Hear From the Experts

The Importance of Semantic HTML for Web Accessibility

Semantic HTML is what is used as the building blocks of a fully accessible web page. This post will demonstrate how two versions of a website can be visually exactly the same, but seem very different to those using assistive technologies.

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Not Happy with Your Current App, or Digital Product?

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Let's Discuss Your Project