Brimming with Passion and Talent

"I oversee the amazing lineup of talent at Big Nerd Ranch."

Stacy Henry


As Big Nerd Ranch's CEO, Stacy oversees the creation of world-class digital products that support large-scale businesses around the world, including Google and Amazon.

Before becoming CEO, Stacy was BNR’s COO/CFO, handling the company’s operations and finance. Stacy’s passion for employee development and continuous growth ensures that BNR’s culture of learning and collaboration is always at the forefront. Thanks to her dedication, she has ensured the growth of more than a 100 talents while creating an environment of continuous learning to deepen their expertise. They, in turn, now contribute to the development of other talents through trainings and best-selling books. She often speaks about BNR’s unique workplace culture at conferences and loves to be surrounded by people who are also passionate about their work.

Prior to Big Nerd Ranch, she worked in various capacities as a public accounting expert for public and private companies, including Arthur Andersen. Fittingly, she is also a former high school teacher (she taught in Florida for three years).

Outside of Big Nerd Ranch, Stacy sits on the Board of Advisors, Metro Atlanta CoC and is an active member of the CFO Leadership Council (where she speaks at conferences). As a kid, Stacy dreamed of being a vet, but discovered she doesn’t like getting dirty or the way animals smell. It was a great thing for BNR. When she isn’t working, Stacy enjoys coaching, playing and umpiring girls lacrosse.

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"I focus on designing the best human-technology experiences using agile and lean design practices."

Angie Terrell

Director of Design & Instruction

Angie joined BNR in 2014 as a senior UX/UI designer. Just over a year later she became director of design and instruction leading a team of user experience and interface designers.

Interestingly, Angie has a BA in cultural anthropology, which is great prep for a career in user experience—no, really. As she points out, the practice of understanding the cultural and technical norms of groups, along with empathizing with their needs, is ideal for user-centered design. At BNR, Angie enjoys leading a team of user experience and interface designers. Together they design brilliant mobile and web products that go from “visionary” to “market advantage.” She is also a gifted BNR teacher, instructing others to design for mobile and emerging technology.
All told, Angie has over 15 years of experience designing a wide array of user experiences with companies like Coca Cola, Chick-fil-A, Nationwide, Dragon Army and more. Throughout her career, she has been “devoted to design solutions that meet the unique needs of the user while never neglecting core design principles.”
Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Angie has had many speaking engagements at conferences like QCon SF, SXSW, ConnectJS, IxDA, Amex, and Ladies that UX. Some of her topics have been “Animating the UI,” “Design Guidelines for Conversational Interfaces” and “The Maker Movement.”

Angie always wanted to become a French philosopher when she grew up and has an ongoing love of Paris. When she’s not daydreaming about her next visit to the city of lights, she might be running, biking, or indulging her love of ‘80s John Hughes movies.

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"I am honored to guide a training program with a team of experts who also build brilliant digital products together every day."

Eric Wilson

Director of Training

Eric joined Big Nerd Ranch in the spring of 2019 to lead the training initiatives and brings a wealth of experience in both training and consultancy work.

Most recently, Eric was a manager in Deloitte Consulting’s Organization Transformation practice, where he led training and change management programs supporting major technology transformations for public and private sector clients. He also contributed to thought leadership on the Future of Work. Eric has a passion for preparing people for what’s ahead by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. He is excited to lead the charge of leveraging Big Nerd Ranch’s strong reputation to build the best training program available to engineers and designers.
Eric loves spending time with his family: wife, two growing daughters, and one pup. He enjoys playing the guitar, hiking in the outdoors and playing Ultimate Frisbee.
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"I love watching our people bring client’s aspirations to life and then communicating that to the world so others have the opportunity to build their own brilliance."

Holly Avila

Director of Marketing

Holly joined BNR in the winter of 2020 and brings over 15 years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience to the BNR Marketing team.

In her role as Director of Marketing, Holly oversees everything from year-long campaigns to representing us at conferences—all in the pursuit of bringing the good news of BNR to as many people as possible.

Prior to her start at the Ranch, Holly was the Head of Marketing at CompliancePoint. There she set strategy and defined tactical plans for the entire marketing operation from start to finish.

Holly is a committed life-long learner on a continual quest for new ideas, techniques, and insights into ways to support and understand the buyer journey, drive customer acquisition and increase engagement across all touchpoints. She also has an outstanding track record of positioning brands for profitable, sustainable growth, increased market share, and customer loyalty and engagement in highly competitive spaces.

In her spare time, she loves to read, try new restaurants, take her dog on adventures and spend time traveling with her husband.

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" I came to BNR because I learned how to develop iOS apps from a BNR book back in the early days of iOS development."

Chris Stewart

Vice President of Engineering

Chris has been a key part of BNR's Android team since 2011 and became team director in 2013. He is dedicated to constant improvement and working to perfect his craft.

And Chris boasts some mean engineering skills. Chris’s love for teaching is sparked by knowing that when you teach someone new skills, you’re changing their lives for the better. And he’s putting that to good use; In his tenure at Big Nerd Ranch, he has taught more than 30 classes. Before his reign at the Ranch, Chris wrote code in the corporate world after completing his master’s degree at Georgia Tech, and impressed people by winning BNR’s very first Clash of the Coders competition. In addition to his nerdy interests, Chris spends his free time hiking, sailing, riding his motorcycle, traveling and working around his house.

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"I did a Google search for 'best tech companies in Atlanta' and stumbled onto the quirkily-named Big Nerd Ranch."

Daniel Ra

Director of Project Strategy

In 2015, Daniel Ra brought his wealth of experience fostering creative and proven tech solutions to Big Nerd Ranch, working first as a product strategist.

But his mission to “make technology accessible to people from all walks of life” catapulted him to direct BNR’s product strategy. Now he leads a team of strategists who build brilliant digital products for BNR clients, large and small. Before joining the BNR team, Daniel worked in information technology for Emory University as tech support and technical product manager. During his time there, he solved users’ problems and managed the development of software to help improve people’s everyday lives. He also implemented a Tech Talk series to help faculty learn how to use new systems and other technology in their teaching.

Looking to join a smaller, faster company led Daniel to his Google search that ended up bringing him to BNR. Beyond his role as Director of Product Strategy, Daniel has been a guest speaker addressing Agile Software Development and Product Management Practices. He’s also led breakout sessions at conferences.

Daniel’s talents extend beyond his day job. He’s a musician who prefers the electric guitar but can also play traditional Korean percussion instruments. And he’s a connoisseur of beer, whisk(e)y and coffee, enjoy a good hike and just spending time at home with his wife and their Shih Tzu Louie.

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"I get the opportunity to impact BNR’s mission from an internal standpoint, by leading initiatives that develop and engage BNR’s most important asset - its brilliant people!."

Rachel Fletcher

Director of People Operations

Rachel joined BNR in the fall of 2019 and leads a team of HR and operational professionals that impact all functions of BNR’s business.

Rachel began her HR leadership career at Colliers International, where she served as the HR Director for the Atlanta retail division. She was with Colliers in the midst of the 2008 recession–an especially difficult time for the real estate industry. Despite the challenges, she was able to help Colliers weather the worst of the recession.

When she moved on from the corporate space, Rachel jumped feet first into the startup and consulting world. During this time she served as the head of HR for several startups where she worked closely with the leadership team to create sustainable growth and development plans, further talent attraction efforts, and create high-performance cultures. As an HR consultant, Rachel provided strategic planning services, HR function set-up, talent solutions, organizational development strategies and outsourced solutions to startups, small and mid-sized companies.

When not ensuring that BNR is operating at maximum efficiency, Rachel enjoys taking part in a mentoring program for school-aged girls that teaches self confidence and effective habits for the business world. She can also be found exploring the culinary delights that the Atlanta food scene has to offer.

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"I lead the sales team at BNR and oversee their portfolio of business across existing and new customers."

Jake Senkbeil

Director of Sales

Jake joined the Ranch as Director of Sales in the Winter of 2020 and brings over 10 years of experience in sales leadership and management.

Prior to joining Big Nerd Ranch, Jake served in leadership positions in both technology services and software.

Most recently, Jake was the Senior of Director Sales at POLITICO in Washington D.C. where he was responsible for leading a sales team and accountable for driving revenue growth exclusively in the form of new business sales. Jake is passionate about leading with a servant mentality and earning the trust of clients through world-class delivery.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing golf, and reading the latest spy/thriller novels.

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