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2012 in Numbers


Brian Harper

2012 was a great year for Big Nerd Ranch. Here’s our take on the year, in numbers.

After hiring several smart, kind folks and our merger in the fall, we grew to 77 employees in 2012. We’re continuing the trend this year. If joining a team of brilliant, hard-working nerds is on your list of things to do in 2013, get in touch with us.

In 2011, we bought an abandoned Iron Works. Last year, we transformed the Iron Works into the Big Nerd Ranch Galactic Headquarters. This year, we’re expanding the Galactic HQ with 8,700 additional square feet to make it the ideal work environment for our quickly growing design, management and development teams.

We shipped more than 50 apps for 40 clients in 2012. We offer end-to-end development services, so whether you need a solid web back-end, a beautiful native app or the whole shebang, we’re set up to deliver the perfect solution for you.

Our open enrollment classes run year-round in Atlanta, Ga., and the Netherlands. Achieve Nerdvana with us in 2013.

We delivered our corporate training in 35 cities across the world last year. Worried about getting your entire team to the Ranch? Fear not! We’ll come to you.

We threw an epic party at WWDC 2012, and we’re going to outdo ourselves again this year. See you in San Francisco!

With roughly a dozen ways of brewing and consuming coffee at our disposal, we go through more than three pounds of freshly roasted coffee beans every week. Our development sprints aren’t exclusively fueled by coffee, though—we’re also partial to Arden’s Garden juices and Twining’s teas.

Our Results-Only Work Environment means that working at the office is not required, as long as your results are met. So it’s nice to catch up with all our fellow nerds face-to-face at our biweekly Bacon Breakfast Bonanza.

In 2012, we made a pledge to revive our blog. Over the last year, we’ve had dozens of contributors sharing their expertise right here. Expect even more posts on design, development and general nerdiness in 2013!


Brian Harper

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