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Alexa Skills Kit Videos 3 and 4 Now Live

Tasha Schroeder

Alexa Skills Kit persistence

Our Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) training, developed in conjunction with Amazon, shows you how to develop Alexa skills locally with Node.js from start to finish. Today, the third and fourth videos were launched.

Sessions and Voice User Interfaces teaches you how to allow an Alexa skill to break more complicated data requirements into a series of steps. You’ll also learn about Amazon’s voice user interface requirements, increasing your chances of getting your skill Amazon certified.

Persistence show you how to link an Alexa skill with a database so that it can save an unfinished user interaction for later use, opening the door for more versatile and sophisticated skills.

Want to start from the beginning? Watch Hello, Alexa!, where we introduce the Alexa Skills Kit, and the slots and slot types video.

Prefer a written tutorial? Check out our blog series on building Alexa Skills.

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