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Brian Hardy

Let’s face it. We all have questions. Why is the sky blue? What shirt will I wear today? Why does mommy spend so much time on the phone with “the handyman?” Thanks to the Big Nerd Ranch, there is now a place to ask these questions, and more.

OK, truthfully speaking, you should really consider asking us questions about programming in Cocoa or Cocoa Touch. You know, for the Mac, or the iPhone, or the iPad. Do not ask us about your wireless router problems, please.

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at InformIT to bring you an ongoing series where we answer the best of these questions. We’ve been doing it since February! Go ahead, ask us something!

Here’s a summary of the posts thus far…

Juan Pablo Claude kicked things off with a post on Retain Counts for Cocoa and iPhone Programmers.

Next, Jeremy Sherman tackled a tough one: Detecting that QuickTime Has Exhausted Its Stream.

Steven Degutis came through with Adding Python Scripting to Cocoa Apps.

And just today, I, Brian Hardy, posted about Rotating an iPhone View Around a Point.


Brian Hardy

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