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Atlanta Startup Weekend Nov 13-15

Alanta’s (3rd?) Startup Weekend is on Nov 13 – Nov 15 at ATDC.

We’re big fans of Startup Weekend for a couple of reasons:

  • the constraints – successful businesses are built on limited resources. A single weekend to come up with ideas, plan, execute, and launch a business is a daunting and fantastic lesson for anyone interested in starting a business.

  • the people – what happens when you get 15 crazy developers, 20 biz-dev folk, sprinkle in some opinionated graphic designers and some marketing know-it-alls? Sheer madness, of course! I don’t think you could build a better simulation for working with a diverse team towards a common goal.

  • the camaraderie – the business(es) coming out of Startup Weekend may not ever become the next Google (or Skribit), but the ideas and lessons learned by all are sure to make the tide rise here in Atlanta!

A very big thank you to our friends at The Kauffman Foundation, ATDC (and all the other sponsors) for their support of this Atlanta event.

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