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Behind the scenes of our Galactic Headquarters


LeAnn Boucher

Inside the Ironworks

Most of you probably know that we recently moved into a fancy-schmancy new building. We like to call it our Galactic Headquarters. All jokes aside, the plans filed with the City of Atlanta are actually for Big Nerd Ranch Galactic Headquarters!

While everyone admires the transformation of a decrepit eyesore dragging a neighborhood down, only Nerds can truly appreciate the thought and intention that went into designing a state of the art building…just…for…developers.

Aaron recently explained some of the design elements he incorporated into the Galactic Headquarters to make it an ideal space for Nerds.


Our office is a transformed Iron Works, with high ceilings and lots of open spaces. Careful planning helps manage the acoustics that come with that double whammy!

Right angles and parallel walls encourage sound resonance – and some frequencies ring louder and longer than others. Fewer right angles (and the parallel walls that make them) equals better sound. We have very few. It’s a decorating challenge to center a desk, but we appreciate the sound benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Room Modes.

Our workspaces were designed in three “nests” that open to a wall coated with foam. That foam absorbs the sound energy.


Windows have been strategically shaped and placed high to reduce screen fatigue. A wall alongside long, vertical windows immediately diffuses strong late afternoon and evening light.

Solar light tubes, or Solatubes as they’re commercially called, provide natural light at all daylight hours.


Special white board paint lines the working nests to help brainstorming, taking notes, thinking out loud and funny LOL notes. The paint required a special “category 5” ultra-smooth finish to the walls.

The conference rooms are named after the Gibb Brothers, complete with vintage vinyl. In fact, I’ve spotted some rockin’ old-school Gibbs lunchboxes too.

Gibb's Lunchboxes

Creature Comforts

Shower space for the sporty Nerds who bike or run. We also have a bike storage room, which will be fully equipped with tools and a pump soon!

Yeah, it’s an awesome office. We love it. And we’re ALREADY bursting at the seams, and working on plans for phase 2.

I am lobbying for a green screen. I get evil villain giddy thinking about it.

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LeAnn Boucher

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