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Big Nerd Ranch, Big in Europe


Jon Woodroof

It’s no secret that Big Nerd Ranch is known around the world for developing mobile apps and teaching mobile app development. As the company grew, we headquartered our European office in Amsterdam and have been thriving ever since.

In our efforts to expand that presence even further, I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined our talented team in Amsterdam as the European Sales Director.

Opening credits

And what a team it is. Our European staff has grown to not only serve more clients, but to expand our course offerings.

Marcel Speller is the managing director of Big Nerd Ranch Europe. He leads the team here and spearheads our training and consulting business in Europe.

Birgit Reizevoort is our training coordinator. She ensures that both students and instructors have all they need in order to make trainings go smoothly.

Bolot Kerimbaev is iOS Team Manager and Instructor. You’ll often find him teaching classes or speaking at conferences throughout Europe.

Graham Lee supports both our Atlanta and Amsterdam offices and teaches our iOS courses. He is the author of Test-Driven iOS Development and APPropriate Behaviour.

Rajiv Jhoomuck is an iOS developer who creates mobile apps for our clients.

Siemen Sikkema develops iOS and Mac OS X apps for clients.

We teach Android, Beginning iOS and Advanced iOS bootcamps at our European Ranch as well.

As for me, I joined Big Nerd Ranch nearly two years ago. At first, I focused on backend web development clients, but my sales expertise quickly grew to include native apps, frontend development and design projects.

When the opportunity arose for me to take the spot in Amsterdam, I leapt at the chance. I have spent some time living in Germany and speak German fluently. I’ve long been interested in international business and have earned a master’s degree in the subject. In the past, I’ve worked at an Atlanta-based translation and language testing company, where I was first exposed to cultural considerations and global market details on a per-project basis.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta…

Before I departed for Amsterdam, Big Nerd Ranch hired Mathew Jackson as our Business Development Representative. Mathew came to us after working for Apple, and he is all the things every Nerd here aspires to be: brilliant, kind and hardworking. He knows how to help clients find the solutions they need and strives to provide the best service possible.

The next chapter

Our team in Amsterdam has been working tirelessly to spread the Nerd word throughout Europe, and I’m glad to be on board. I look forward to the many amazing opportunities Big Nerd Ranch Europe has in this part of the world, and the work that lies ahead. I’m keen to learn as much as possible and improve my Dutch zo snel mogelijk.

I will have more to report here on the blog soon, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us for your consulting and training needs. And if there’s an event I should attend, tweet at me and let me know!


Jon Woodroof

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