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Big Nerd Ranch in the European Community

Tasha Schroeder

Big Nerd Ranch transforms novices into initiates and ideas into apps. We do it every day, and we keep doing it because we care and we like to help.

It’s great to find this same spirit echoed throughout the growing App.net community. It’s reached the point where one of the things it needs is the “what-do-I-do-now” and “what-is-this-newfangled-thing” documentation to support the next wave of adopters in getting up to speed.

Eric Dejonckheere had written a great survey of the current App.net ecosystem. In French. At others’ request, he’d begun painstakingly using Google Translate to try to generate an English version for the large English-speaking ADN audience, but it was a lot of slow-going work.

Eric’s written a lot of good stuff. If you can read French (or don’t mind Google Translate), you should check out his writing at Aya.io.

One of our senior developers, Jeremy W. Sherman, saw an early announcement of this endeavor. We recognize good teaching and good writing when we see it, and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and help, so he offered to translate it.

The end result is now live.

Big Nerd Ranch Europe is going gangbusters in Amsterdam, and we’re ready for more.

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