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Bonzo Framework


Aaron Hillegass

When I spoke at the Student Session at WWDC, I announced that I was taking submissions for a framework of reusable Cocoa classes, and that I would give the best entry a free seat in a Big Nerd Ranch class. I was expecting a flood of submissions, but only received five. I’d like to thank Drew Hamlin, Christoph Angerer, Nate Roberts, Daniel Beatty, and Trevor Johns for their submissions. I am pleased to announce that Christoph Angerer has won the contest for his BNZTransactionalNotificationCenter.

For now, I have made the submissions available as a tarball. Or you can browse the source code.

If you have a class or a set of classes you would like to submit before I check this into Google Code, please send it along. I’d like to have a better idea of what this will eventually look like before I create a directory structure for the project. You can email your submission to bonzo at bignerdranch com.

If you do send me code, I need some stuff from you:

  • The reusable code. Please prefix any class names, function names, or global variable names with “BNZ”.

  • Unit tests and/or a sample application

  • Documentation. In particular, the declaration of each public method should have headerdoc-compatible comments. A nice README.txt would also be good.

  • Unlimited rights to use your code. When you email the code the following words. “I give Aaron Hillegass the right to do anything he wants with the attached source code. I swear that I produced this code without stealing anyone else’s intellectual property.”


Aaron Hillegass

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