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Building your API Early

November 15, 2012 | Back-End
As we build apps, most workflows end up basing themselves around one interface or user experience that gets priority over others. As more and more services are added, this inevitably creates problems. Building your API early helps prevent multi-platform nightmares and lets developers focus on doing what they do best.

There are (many) other advantages of building your API early.

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Getting Fancy with ElasticSearch

June 7, 2012 | Back-End

When an app requires full-text search developers usually have two major contenders to choose from: Solr and ElasticSearch. Each addresses different use cases, but generally, ElasticSearch performs noticeably better when an app expects frequent reindexing, as is often the case. Gems like Tire make setting up ElasticSearch a breeze, but setting up more advanced indexes and interfacing with ActiveRecord can sometimes be a pain. Read on to see how to make your life easier with ElasticSearch and Tire.

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Why Highgroove has a Personal Trainer

February 20, 2012

At Highgroove, we have a personal trainer, Cherri, on-staff and on-site, available twice a week to us, scheduled via appointment slots using Google Calendar. Our personal trainer has been with us since December of last year, and we just added more sessions. We have been delighted at the opportunity to get in shape (although, perhaps, temporarily less thrilled when “core day” came around). Personally, having someone motivate us to exercise – someone who thoroughly knows what they are doing was exactly the motivation I needed to start working out again. But we’ve also realized getting a gym session in during the afternoon has benefits for developing software (along with developing sweet abs).

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If you aren’t getting burned…

October 4, 2011

Highgrooves’s “bias towards action” rallying cry is no secret, and we try to abide by that rule whenever we can, whether we’re deploying or choosing where to go for lunch. An important corollary is that we try to bias towards making mistakes earlier rather than later, too. A fellow Highgroover captured it well by saying: “If you aren’t getting burned, you need to play with fire more.”

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