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Why we Turn Down over 89 Percent of Developers Who Apply

May 6, 2012 | Clients

It’s true. We’re hiring. Like a lot of technology companies. But, did you know that we are turning down many qualified applicants? Since we started tracking, only 11% of applicants who go through our hiring process become “Hired Full Time” employees of Highgroove. That means about 1 in 10 who apply receive an offer letter. Why is it we can–or rather why we have– to be so picky in who we hire?

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Live from Startup Weekend Atlanta

April 20, 2012 | Back-End | Conferences

Startup Weekend in Atlanta kicked off last night with over 116 participants, and 48 pitches, eventually forming into 18 teams. The concept behind Startup Weekend is to start something up – a concept, business, or idea, over the weekend. It’s centered around technology, with people dividing themselves into categories like: “business folk”, “designers”, “developers”, and other niches. Yup, there was a technology lawyer, there too.

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