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What would you say ya do here?

January 10, 2013

Since joining Big Nerd Ranch in April 2011, I have grown by leaps and bounds as a software developer and consultant, and I’m surrounded by the best team I’ve ever worked with. But despite this, my personal career goals and aspirations include giving up coding altogether.

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Simple Design, the Highgroove Way

January 15, 2012 | Clients

Highgroove Studios has taught me a lot about Software Development, Consulting, and building new web applications. Apart from the myriad of technical skills I’ve added since I came on board, Highgroove is a fantastic company to learn how to build your own web apps, how to design them, and how to remain focused on the most business critical aspects of the system. Highgroove taught me these things by adhering to a process which manages Agile development, responds to changing software requirements and business needs, and encourages constant communication. While these are all noticed by clients, there is one part of the Highgroove process that goes largely unseen; however, it is just as integral as the former three. That behind-the-scenes aspect of the Highgroove development process is keeping the software as simple as possible to meet current demands.

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