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Testing Webpacker Apps with RSpec System Tests

March 17, 2020 | Back-End | Front-End

Rails 5.1 includes Webpacker, a build pipeline that allows using the latest and greatest JavaScript language features and frameworks, as well as system tests, which can simulate user interaction in a real browser. RSpec also includes support for system tests. Let’s set up a Rails app using Webpacker, then write an RSpec system test that exercises our app, including our JavaScript code, in Chrome.

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Live Updates With Queues, WebSockets, and Push Notifications. Part 1: RabbitMQ Queues and Workers

December 3, 2019 | Back-End | React Native

Live updates can get your users information they need sooner, and prevent them from operating off of outdated information. To explore the topic, we’ll create an app that allows us to receive notifications from services like GitHub, Netlify, and Heroku. For our first post, we’ll create the Node backend that will store and route our messages.

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