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Live Updates With Queues, WebSockets, and Push Notifications. Part 1: RabbitMQ Queues and Workers

December 3, 2019 | Back-End | Back-End Web | React Native

Live updates can get your users information they need sooner, and prevent them from operating off of outdated information. To explore the topic, we’ll create an app that allows us to receive notifications from services like GitHub, Netlify, and Heroku. For our first post, we’ll create the Node backend that will store and route our messages.

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Investigating a Rails Time Zone Error

July 19, 2019

Recently my coworker Henry and I ran into the old issue of tests failing because the CI server’s time zone was different from ours. But we weren’t sure _why_ the tests were failing: we thought we had set up the tests to avoid time zone issues. Let’s walk through the process we used to find a fix–and more importantly, find out _why the fix works_.

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