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Core Graphics, Part 1: In the Beginning

March 5, 2018 | iOS | Mac
Core Graphics, also known by its marketing name “Quartz,” is one of the oldest graphics-related APIs on the platforms. Quartz forms the foundation of most things 2-D. Want to draw shapes, fill them with gradients and give them shadows? That’s Core Graphics. Compositing images on the screen? Those go through Core Graphics. Creating a PDF? Core Graphics again.
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Hannibal #selector

July 6, 2016 | iOS | Mac
The `selector` is key to Objective-C’s dynamic runtime nature. It’s just a name that’s used, at runtime, as a key into a dictionary of function pointers. Whenever you send a message to an Objective-C object, you’re actually using a selector to look up a function to call. Sometimes selectors bubble up in Cocoa/CocoaTouch API, and you will need to deal with them in Swift.
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