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Doing work with Android’s new WorkManager

May 20, 2018 | Android
Google announced a really exciting feature at this year’s Google I/O that allows developers to perform background tasks that would traditionally require detailed knowledge of various API levels and the background task libraries available for those APIs. WorkManager offers up the functionality that you would get from other APIs such as JobScheduler, FirebaseJobDispatcher, AlarmManager and Services, without the overhead of having to research which one is available for your device or API.
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Android Auto Backup and Your Developer Workflow

April 1, 2018 | Android
Auto Backup is a nifty feature introduced in Android 6.0 (23) that allows users to have the data from their apps backed up onto their Google Drive accounts. You can leverage auto backup in your Android app so that your users can more quickly recover their data if they ever switch phones or reinstall your app after having uninstalled it.
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