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Everything You Need to Know About Ruby for iOS Development

October 1, 2017 | iOS
On iOS projects, we often find ourselves using command-line tools for testing and distributing our apps. More often than not, these tools were written in Ruby. In this post, we will give you a solid understanding of each step in the Ruby toolchain so you can confidently set up a consistent environment for your development team.
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Breaking Down Type Erasure in Swift

January 5, 2017 | iOS
As a fan of strongly typed programming languages, I love relying on the type system to catch common mistakes and typos early. Occasionally though we want to relax the strict rules to gain the payoff of flexibility over safety. Just like you use a rubber eraser to remove written material, we can use a concept known as Type Erasure to remove type information from our programs.
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New in Core Data and iOS 8: Asynchronous Fetching

October 16, 2014 | iOS
Using Core Data in a multi-threaded environment has always required a deep understanding of the framework and a healthy dose of patience. Asynchronous fetching is not necessarily a feature of a multi-threaded Core Data environment. However, its ability to alleviate a common performance issue could potentially free you up from the added complexity of a multi-threaded CoreData stack.
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