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Charles Brian Quinn to lead Big Nerd Ranch Rails Class


John Adams. George Selkirk. Steve Ballmer. Charles Brian Quinn.

The people above have something in common – they followed in the footsteps of an icon. For Highgroove Studios’ Charles Brian Quinn, it’s taking over Ruby on Rails training at Big Nerd Ranch from David Black, author of Ruby for Rails and leader of RubyCentral, and Marcel Molina Jr., member of Rails core and part of the team at 37Signals.

If you’re looking at diving head-first into Ruby on Rails, this is the way to do it. The class, which is being held February 12-16, gives you a chance to be totally immersed in Ruby on Rails for a solid week (plus stay at a great hotel and receive some gourmet meals – don’t worry, Charles doesn’t do the cooking).

Besides his great teaching ability and fun personality, one of the special things Charles will bring to the training class is real-world experience. He’s not dabbling in Rails – Charles has been building, deploying, and maintaining Rails applications for over a year at Highgroove Studios. If you’re looking for the complete Rails picture, Charles will give it to you.

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