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Clash of the Coders 2015 Winners


Molly Daly

Clash of the Coders 2015 has come to a close. Once again, our developers split into teams to face off in a 72-hour coding competition, building apps for a chance at Nerdy glory.

“Landslide” isn’t a term we’ve had to use when selecting winners, and this year was no exception. Even though it was a tough call, we narrowed it down to three winners. Without further ado…

Third-Place Team: The Awkward Family

We use a lot of charts, graphs and diagrams around the Ranch (you may have noticed this in our training and programming guides), so The Awkward Family put together a useful diagram-generating language, editor and interpreter called BigGraph.

The succinct markup language is highly intuitive, using arrows and dashes to easily create and edit tables, labels and more. In addition to markup support, BigGraph has support for XML. Adam Preble, Nate Chandler, Robert Edwards and Kar Loong Wong can take credit for this handy new tool.


Second-Place Team: Cervezas

Cervezas (aka “Survey says!”) came in second place this year with a take on the game show Family Feud. Todd Gandee, Bolot Kerimbaev, Chris Donnelly and Steve Sparks (pictured below) paired their programming know-how with their hardware hacking skills to build a motion-sensitive podium with circuit boards, switches and lights. The game brings together JavaScript, Python and Ruby, along with a Raspberry Pi, to let Nerds compete and answer questions with Nerd-sourced answers.

Nerdly Feud

First-Place Team: ROFL House

And finally, it was Team ROFL House who came in first place, thanks to their survey analysis tool. With this ambitious app, instructors can analyze student feedback in an organized, easily accessible and visual manner—allowing us to make our bootcamps even better.

Team ROFL House learned Go and combined it with R and Python to build this app, which is fast, responsive and entirely AJAX. It features a full automated build pipeline with hinting, uses OAuth for sessions and is written with ES6 syntax and modules.

ROFL House

Their hard work earned Matthew Mathias, JJ Manton, Jonathan Martin and John Gallagher the Clash trophy, some impressive prizes and eternal bragging rights.

Congratulations, ROFL House! You left the competition smothered, covered and chunked.

Clash 2015 Winners


Molly Daly

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