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Convince Me to Work in the Office

Patrick Van Stee

Working for a company that embraces ROWE is great. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve probably read about how we can work on our own schedule or work from wherever we want as long as we meet results. But, there’s also a more subtle advantage. Since working from the office is no longer mandatory, there is an added incentive for Big Nerd Ranch to make the office somewhere we actually want to work, which translates directly into some awesome perks as an employee.

Everyone gets comfy Aeron chairs and their own workstation from day one. There was no “new guy” hazing period where I had to work in the back corner with a broken folding chair. I usually drive in to work just to dock my MacBook and use an extra 23” of screen space. We also keep the kitchen fully stocked with Clif bars and Arden’s Garden drinks. Not to mention we have a commercial grade espresso machine for the perfect coffee break.

The environment is great here too. We share an open room with half walls so we’re all available to quickly help debug a failing test or to discuss big infrastructure decisions. There’s always some music playing in the background from our turntable.fm room and there’s no problem with taking a quick break to watch a clip from Endhrian the Indian Terminator.

When you’re focused on results only, you should work hard when you feel the most productive but take a break when you’re just not in the zone. And it’s great to have a workplace that really caters to that idea. Some of our clients actually work out of our office because they like it so much. We even have a Big Nerd Ranch alum that decided to come back and work with us this week. And if you really don’t believe us, stop in and check it out! CBQ will even make you a tasty latte.

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