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Culture Checks: Do You Belong Here?

Aubrey Rhodes

We’re running full steam ahead as we build our team of the best teachers, developers and all-around Nerds we can find. To help us do that, we have added culture checks to our interview process.

The purpose of these checks isn’t to figure out whether a candidate can do the job, but rather to ascertain that he or she will work well with us. It’s no secret that Nerds need to be brilliant, but we’re also looking for folks who are hardworking and kind, and these checks help us find just the right fit.

The checks last 30 minutes and are completed by two interviewers. Instead of technical or experience questions, the interviewers ask questions that are aimed at teasing out a candidates’ values. We ask things like, “Under what kinds of conditions do you learn best?” and “How would your co-workers describe your work style or habits?”

After the end of the interview, the candidate is graded on how closely their values align with ours. At Big Nerd Ranch, we take our company’s culture very seriously, and the best way to preserve it as we grow is to bring on people who care as deeply about their work as we do. If you are interested in working with us, check out our open positions. We’d love to hear from you!

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