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Django and Django-Template Syntax Highlighting for Coda

Juan Pablo Claude

I recently started playing with Panic’s web development application, Coda, and I immediately liked its all-in-one approach. As a Django developer, I typically work with multiple text editor, terminal, and browser windows. This can sometimes get out of hand, especially on a laptop. Coda can improve this situation by keeping all these tools and more within a single application.

All of this looked very promising until I realized that Coda does not offer out-of-the-box Django and Django-Template syntax highlighting or autocompletion. Thus, I decided to write a couple of Mode bundles to improve the situation. You may download these bundles and place them in your /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Coda/modes directory for instant gratification.

I am still developing these bundles to make them smarter, more lexically complete, and more integrated with Coda. Please let me know about your experience with them and I will try to make them better.



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