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First Month Down

Daniel Rice

I am coming up on my first month at Highgroove and I am loving it. Free espresso is a pretty quick way to get on my good side! In all seriousness though, I am 100% glad to be here and surrounded by expert Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers and open source contributors.

So the obvious question is “What is so great about Highgroove?” Its pretty easy: I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and its no big deal. I don’t have to frantically call CBQ if I’m running late because of the renowned Atlanta traffic. There is no late. I don’t have to ask to work remotely. There are no mandatory office hours. Its absolute freedom, which was something I didn’t really have at my other jobs.

This works because Highgroove is a bonafide Results Only Work Environment . What this means is that employees are held accountable only for getting their jobs done. That’s it! It sounds like most companies would already do this, but you would be wrong. Have you tried to go home at 3 before and not had to slip out the fire escape, avoiding all eye contact along the way praying your supervisor doesn’t pop around the corner? I certainly have.

Simply said, Highgroove is a breath of fresh air and I am looking forward to what the months ahead have to offer!

How “Results Only” is your office? Can you work from home whenever you want? Could you hop on a flight to NYC and work at Starbucks all week if you wanted to, while getting in some sightseeing along the way?

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