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Funding a Coding Bootcamp: What You Need to Know


Jade Hill

Deciding to attend a coding bootcamp is a big decision, especially when that decision comes with a hefty price tag. And while Big Nerd Ranch bootcamps aren’t nearly as expensive as some, you may find that the price is more than you can currently afford. We really love helping experienced programmers and designers get even better at what they do, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend. Here are some of our best tips for paying for your professional development.


Ask Your Company to Pay

Since Big Nerd Ranch bootcamps are not for beginners, the majority of our students are already working full-time as developers or designers at companies across the world. Many of these employers devote a certain amount of their budget to conference attendance or professional development for their employees, so you may be able to use those benefits to attend Big Nerd Ranch training.

When making the ask, stress that attendance at a bootcamp will make you more effective at your job or that learning new skills could help you take on a new project, and your employer may be willing to pay for you to attend. Check out this guide for more tips on pitching the idea.

Budget Accordingly and Save Money

We’ve been around for more than 15 years, and we’re not going anywhere any time soon. If you need to plan ahead and save your money, you can take a class in a few months. Most of our bootcamps run several times a year, and some of the most popular run every month. You can always wait for the next course on the schedule.

Apply for a Loan

Taking out a loan may seem extreme, but keep in mind that the cost of a coding bootcamp (especially at Big Nerd Ranch) is considerably less than a college course on the same material. Plus, if you’re using the bootcamp to level up your skills, an increase in salary will allow you to pay off the loan fairly quickly.

And unlike many other bootcamps, the cost of your Big Nerd Ranch registration includes lodging, meals and all the coffee you can consume. Everything is included in that one-time payment.

Use a 0% Interest Credit Card

If you’re confident that you can pay it off, a credit card with 0% interest for a set number of months will allow you to pay for the course without accruing interest like a loan. Most banks offer deals to their customers with high credit scores, or you can compare some of your options online.

Check For Discounts

Not all coding bootcamps will offer discounts, but many of them do—and they can save you some serious cash. Always be sure to check the website for information, or ask the admissions staff to see if they know of anything that may help.

Here at Big Nerd Ranch, we offer 10% off every day for educators and military members. Plus, once you attend one bootcamp, you automatically receive a 10% discount on every subsequent bootcamp so you can level up your skills and cross-train for less.

Get Creative

And if none of these options will work for you, consider getting creative and trying to raise the money that you need to attend. Perhaps your employer will cover some, but not all, of the registration fee. Secure the rest by asking family and friends, or starting a GoFundMe campaign. Or use your skills to start a small business where your profits fund your attendance. Or find Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and beg him. There are hundreds of ways to fundraise, so find your creative side and get started.

No Surprises at Big Nerd Ranch

If you’ve done all your research, feel like a bootcamp is right for you and know which course you want to take, the last step is to make sure you know what’s included before you make a decision. The price tag you see is not always the price tag you get with a lot of companies, but again, the price of a Big Nerd Ranch bootcamp includes food and lodging. This means that you’ll spend zero dollars out of pocket once you arrive—we’ll even pick you up the airport!

Trying to figure out which course is for you? Need some more information in order to convince your boss? Please feel free to get in touch. We can’t wait to see you at the Ranch!


Jade Hill

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