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Glue, Facebook, and Twitter

Chris Kelly

At Highgroove, we’re experts at glue. Not that kind of glue, but the kind that connects one technology to another.

We build on lots of great Open Source tools and libraries to deliver finished products to our customers that do exactly what they want. Without these pieces, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

For a project I’m working on right now, we need to be able to post to Twitter and Facebook on a schedule from within the application without requiring the user to push that ‘share’ button. The end result is something that seems like just two clicks in the UI, and isn’t much code, but took some thinking to get it working right.

So here’s what I put together, for you, for free! To those of you that put together the APIs at Facebook and Twitter, and those that worked on the Twitter gem and the OAuth gem, Thanks!

All the details aren’t there, but if you’re familiar with Ruby on Rails and working on a Rails 3 project, the code snippets there should be enough to get you talking to Twitter and Facebook. Let us know if you build anything cool based on those!

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