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Highgroove’s New Clothes


Charles Brian Quinn

You may have noticed a change of scenery on the Highgroove Studios site, and (for those of you not in feedreaders) this blog.

We’ve taken a good look back at where Highgroove has been, and a bigger look at where we’re going.

Here’s a highlight reel from the new web presence:

  • We’ve got Andre Lewis (also known as Rails guru, technology expert, published author, geo-location extraordinaire, Alcatraz-swimmer, nice guy). Andre has joined the Highgroove team as a Partner.

  • We’ve got products. Placeshout and Scout (limited client-only) are up and kicking!

  • We’ve got vision. We’re still focusing on our sweet spot – solving complex problems with simple solutions. Making web applications easier to use. Making technology easier to understand. Embracing constraints. Leveraging Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework.

  • We’ve got great clients. Fortune 500s, government agencies, educational institutions, DemoGOD winners, Salesforce-award-winners, and very happy companies of all sizes and shapes.

Check out our new site.


Charles Brian Quinn

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