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If the Shoe Fits, Ship it!

Jon Woodroof

Squirrel Shipping Sweet Cycling Shoes

In January of 2012, I very excitedly boarded the Big Nerd Ranch ROWE-boat as our first Account Director.

The month of January left me dazed but not confused. Working in a ROWE environment means results are expected immediately (and that results are all that matter). I hit the ground running and quickly found that everyone here is equally vested each project’s success. That is to say, “the rising tide lifts all boats” here. By leveraging constant communication, the best tools, pair programming, code audits, and project retrospectives—we truly are an agile shop.

After only having been on the job for two months, I am still new but no longer the new guy. Reading Andy’s Post 2 Months in at Highgroove, I feel humbled to be listed alongside some pretty amazing colleagues here, and to be working on amazing projects with even more amazing clients.

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