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Interview with Stacy Henry, September 2012 Big Nerd of the Month


LeAnn Boucher

Goddess of the Universe

In a room full of unsurprised Nerds, we unveiled the September Big Nerd of the Month this week. I say unsurprised because the vote was overwhelming – nay crushing – and Stacy Henry earned the honor.

As director of finance and HR, Stacy was responsible for the big move to our new Galactic Headquarters, expertly juggling all the logistics that go with building, equipping, furnishing, moving and maintaining of an office teeming with rowdy Nerds. Oh, and we all still got paid through the process.

That alone, without ever referencing her smile or sense of humor, was reason enough.

Please read to the end of the interview for a new regular feature of our Big Nerd of the Month announcements – “who added the flair?”

BNR Blog: Congratulations Stacy! It’s exciting to see the ladies represent this month!

Tell me a little about you and Big Nerd Ranch. How long have you been here? How did you meet Aaron?

Stacy: Almost two years. I responded to an ad for a part-time accounting job and met Aaron during the interview. Bill Phillips was singing in the shower during my interview, which was very entertaining and a bit odd.

BNR Blog: I understand you’re a Twihard. That leads me to a very important question; Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Stacy: Duh – Edward … wait, is this a trick question?

BNR Blog: What is your favorite sci fi series?

Stacy: Sci fi, hmm, is that short for something?

BNR Blog: What do you admire most about the Big Nerd of the Month who came before you, Step?

Stacy: Step is a great part of the Nerd herd. He gets a tremendous amount of work done and is always kind and willing to help others. He is a patient instructor and treats everyone with respect.

BNR Blog: What life advice would you give someone graduating high school?

Stacy: “When you’re feeling sad, just stop being sad and be awesome instead,†Barney Stinson.

BNR Blog: What word or phrase best describes you?

Stacy: Goddess of the universe, but not everyone’s on board with that yet.

BNR Blog: What’s your favorite part of working at Big Nerd Ranch?

Stacy: The Nerds of course. This is the first job I’ve ever had that I actually love coming to work. We’ve got a great group of people and it’s a fun place to be.

BNR Blog: What are your early thoughts on Stacy flair for the trophy?

Flair of the Universe

Stacy: This is tough as there is now such rich history attached to the trophy. I’m torn between something that represents my role at Big Nerd Ranch and a miniature Edward.

BNR Blog: Thank you Stacy, and congratulations again!

Now for the promised new feature, can you look at the trophy Stacy is holding in this photo and tell me (in the comments) which piece of flair Step added? Big Nerd Ranch swag for the first, correct answer!

And, if you’d like more awesome in your day, check out this list of Barney Stinson quotes.

Until we meet again all hail the Goddess of the Universe! Come on friends, let’s make it stick!


LeAnn Boucher

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