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Introducing PlaceShout



We’ve just launched PlaceShout (http://placeshout.com) – a “cheatsheet”-style summary of places around town, created by you and arbitrated by the community. Now you can see what’s important about a place without wading though stories about someone’s neighbor’s dog.

If you have ever been anywhere, you’ll enjoy making shoutouts. You’re limited to 100 characters, so save the long-winded narratives for someplace else.

You are probably thinking that PlaceShout’s signup process is a long, arduous process. Let me be the first to assure you that it is not. If you have one of those new-fangled OpenIDs, you can sign right in. Because we’re web 2.0 like that.

The easy doesn’t stop there. To make a shoutout, just type it in along with and the name of the place:

Confirm the place:

Like magic, the shoutout appears:

People are shouting out places in small towns and big cities…

  • According to Megan, Welsh’s Pizza of Pender, NE (pop. 1,145) is the “Best place in the tri-county for pizza!”

  • Jim Benson is living the big city life in Seattle, WA (pop. 3,263,497), and spreading the news that Cafe Besalu’s “Ginger biscuits will make you happy”.

Where are most of the shouters? Right now Ann Arbor, Michigan is in first place. You can see all the cities and add your city here.

Like maps? We have a map. And it has nifty directional arrows:

Try it out now: http://placeshout.com



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