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It’s Here: Google I/O 2019


Michael Yotive

Google I/O is one of our favorite events, and we can’t wait to hear this year’s announcements!


It’s an exciting time to be an Android Developer, and we’re excited to discover what’s new in Android in 2019.
Past I/O events have given developers a new language, improved tooling, and more opinionated libraries to help make development even better.
This year, we look forward to seeing how Kotlin is shaping the modern Android experience and what is developing with the next iteration of the platform.


Google has put a lot of work and emphasis on their AI technologies over the past couple I/O events.
We anticipate no slow down in this trend for 2019.
From TensorFlow 2.0 to ML Kit, the schedule this year looks full of AI-related talks, both cutting edge and introductory.
We are eager to see the latest breakthroughs Google has made in this area.

Everything Else

Between Flutter, ARCore, smart home products, foldable devices, Chrome, and Chrome OS, there are so many things to be excited about; we know Google’s presentations tend to touch on practically every facet of the company.
Whatever comes, we’ll be on site for the big event!

Are you attending Google I/O? Be sure to say hello to Nerds Eric Maxwell, Andrew Bailey, Anna Sedlar and Michael Yotive.

Google I/O Extended Livestream at Big Nerd Ranch HQ

If you’re in Atlanta, join us on Tuesday, May 7, as we watch the I/O live stream at our HQ.
We’ll kick off at 12:00 p.m. EDT and run until 5:00 p.m.
We’ll provide lunch and refreshments.
All you need to do is reserve your spot.


Michael Yotive

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