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Joe Stump’s Tech Talk on Sprintly


Jon Woodroof

Sprintly Tech Talk at Highgroove Studios

At Highgroove we love to iterate and bias towards action. Our Best Practices and Patterns are not set in stone, in fact they, like the software preferred by our team, are public and open to feedback from anyone. We are constantly looking for the best tools and approaches to staying productive and solving the problems we encounter every day.

Last week Chris put our ‘bias towards action’ philosophy in motion and lined up a Tech Talk from Sprintly co-founder Joe Stump with a tweet. Read on to learn more about Sprintly and why we’re excited to try it out.

Sprintly is a simple project management tool that caught our eye to try out on some upcoming projects. It is designed to remove some frustrations for developers and provide non-engineers insight into what is going on without being overwhelmed with jargon. It’s process and UI also facilitate non-developers contributing to the backlog. I personally am excited about the top-level overview it provides into what Highgroovers are working on and how projects are moving along albeit currently for only one project. But we know they are working on ways to make it work for multi-consultant, multi-developer teams. Yet, even in its current state, Sprintly will offer our clients a drag-and-drop way of keeping track of tasks for their respective projects. It also has some great perks of strong, but simple high level per project views of velocity, progress and more.

The succinctly worded Sprintly homepage espouses: ‘Painless software development, Deep email and GitHub integration and that its Easy to learn, hard to live without’. I’ll let Joe share more about Sprintly in his Highgroove Tech Talk that we recorded on June 1st:

2012.06.01 Tech Talk on Sprintly from Highgroove Studios on Vimeo.

For more info visit Sprintly And if you’re not reading Joe’s blog, you should check it out. Follow @joestump & @sprintly on Twitter, too! Lastly, if you’d like to attend or present at an upcoming Tech Talk check out our Events page and get in touch!

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Jon Woodroof

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