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Movember: It’ll Grow On You


Marcus Owens

Movember logoFor the past few weeks, a _mo_vement has been growing, sprouting from upper lips across the planet… and Big Nerd Ranch has joined.

Movember__ is a men’s health charity that encourages men to grow—and women to support—the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November. Awareness and funds are raised in order to combat prostate and testicular cancer.

In the U.S., programs directed by the Movember Foundation are focused on education, living with and beyond cancer, and research that improves men’s health. Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed men’s cancer next to skin cancer, and 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

To this end, the Mo Bros of Big Nerd Ranch answered the call. On November 1, we braved the sudden cold of a clean-shaven face and set out on our hairy sojourn: for the next month, we would each grow a moustache, and only a moustache. Style is up to the individual, but the rules are clear: no goatees, no beards. Moustaches only.

This year, we have seven Mo Bros in three countries on two continents:

Mo Bro: Darren Pottinger


Darren is an Android developer at our Atlanta office. It’s his first year on a Movember team, and as you can see, he’s off to a great start!

Mo Bro: Pouria Almassi


Pouria, a member of our iOS team, recently returned to Atlanta from Athens, Georgia, and needed some last vestige of hipster goodness to keep him linked to the Classic City. Luckily, his ‘stache is outperforming the University of Georgia Bulldogs—but that’s not saying much!

Mo Bro: Jonathan Wallace


Representing our Athens office, Backend Team Manager Jonathan Wallace  is the current front-runner for “most ’80s ‘stache” on the team. He tells us that not only has it made him more popular in the college town, but that he is now frequently mistaken for a professor or member of R.E.M.

Mo Bro: Ross Hambrick


Ross has been a member of the Ranch for only three months, but that hasn’t kept him from jumping, upper-lip first, into Movember. Another denizen of the Atlanta Galactic HQ, Ross is a member of our Android team.

Mo Bro: Jon Woodroof


A recent ex-pat, Jon Woodroof and his moustache are heading up Big Nerd Ranch Europe’s Movember efforts. Apparently, the moustache offers protection against the cold Amsterdam winters—but don’t let Jon fool you. He’s doing it for the looks.

If you’d like to support Jon in the Netherlands, you can do so on his profile.

Mo Bro: Graham Lee

Photo on 18-11-2013 at 19.37

Graham represents the U.K. element of our facial hair coalition, and does so with style. We owe a big thank you to his wife for relenting on her ban of facial hair. You may notice that Graham’s moustache seems to fall outside of the strict Movember rules. Quoth Graham: “I’ve never been a big ‘rules’ guy.”

Donate to Graham’s efforts or stalk his ‘stache here.

Mo Bro: Marcus Owens


And here’s me. I’m another recent addition to Big Nerd Ranch, and I led the formation of this year’s team. I’m in my fifth year as a Mo Bro, and this year I decided to go with the traditional “Mark Twain” style of moustache.

We are proud to lend some facial real estate to the fight against men’s cancers. Keep tabs on our team’s efforts and support us if you can!


Marcus Owens

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