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Nerd Sightings: September 2014


Molly Daly

Our Nerds are a group of globetrotters lately. We’re attending and speaking at conferences throughout September, so keep an eye out for us at these events:

Sept. 8-12: Nate Chandler will attend CppCon in Bellevue, Wa.

Sept. 11: Jonathan Martin will present Teach JS About Aesthetics with Machine Learning at Reject.JS in Berlin.

Sept. 17-19: Blithe Rocher and Kylie Stradley will attend Strange Loop in St. Louis.

Sept. 18-20: Step Christopher will speak at CocoaConf Las Vegas. On Friday, he presents Style in Motion: Interactive Animations and Transitions at 10:15 a.m.

Sept. 19: Zac Stewart will be at MLConf in Atlanta.

Sept. 19-20: Blithe Rocher will speak at Golden Gate Ruby Conference.. She will present The Scientific Method of Troubleshooting at 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 20.

Sept. 23-24: Tj Usiyan will attend a3exchange in Boston.

Sept. 24-26: Pamela Overman Vickers will speak at Rocky Mountain Ruby in Boulder, Co. She will present Your Company Culture is “Awesome” (But is “Company Culture” a Lie?). Charlie Maffitt will also be in attendance.

If you’re also attending these events, take a photo with our Nerds and tweet to us—we’ll send you a gift from the Ranch.


Molly Daly

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