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(New) Team Work

Pamela O Vickers

Team Huddle

The first couple of weeks in a new position for a new company is usually peppered with stressful stretches of striving to become useful and relevant mixed with hours of boredom working on a project of little importance. At Highgroove, we are immediately thrown into the mix and are expected to perform.

Jason F. and I shared a start date. We reveled in our goodie bags filled with organic candy and stickers, fiddled with the settings on our new Macbook Pros, and giggled (at least I did) over how much caffeine I was consuming from our office’s Espresso machine.

Then we got to work. I met with my client, talked about what he expected for our first iteration, then was released to make it happen. Harsh reality has never been so pleasant. Where in many environments, asking questions feels discouraged to avoid cause for doubt of your abilities, at Highgroove, not asking soon enough is more discouraged. The team at Highgroove is more than eager to not only answer quick questions, but savor the more difficult ones. Even as a new member, my time is valued by the whole team; they want me to succeed with them. And because of that, I will.

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