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PagePacker 1.1: A4, AppleScriptable, little fixes


Aaron Hillegass

When I released PagePacker a week ago, I thought it might be handy for a few people. (See the original post if you don’t know what I am talking about) Now that thousands of people (literally) have downloaded it and given me feedback, I’m quickly getting out a new version with:

  • Support for A4 paper (see the Preferences panel)

  • AppleScriptability (with a lot of help from Matt Neuburg)

  • You can now move, copy, and clear pages after you drop them

  • The catalog appears larger

  • You can use the up/down arrows to move through the catalog

I’m interested in how people are using PagePacker. If you have created a clever PDF for use in PagePacker or if you create an AppleScript that does something cool with PagePacker, I’d love to see it.

Download PagePacker 1.1


Aaron Hillegass

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