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Perk Up! Why Highgroove offers such great benefits


Jim Hodgson

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A great benefits package can help attract new recruits and reward employees who stay with you long term, but there’s no reason to go overboard with it, is there?

Well, we think so!

There is a “benefits arms race” being waged by top technology companies. Eager to attract and retain the best minds in the world, they’re going to ever-greater lengths to keep employees happy, healthy and, above all, productive.

For instance, Google now pays the surviving spouse of a deceased employee for years after the employee’s demise. How’s that for future proofing?

Of course, we are also motivated to attract and keep the smartest people we can, and there are some great benefits here as well. Before we get into those, though, let’s look at some other options.

What would happen if a company offered no benefits?

I reached out to a friend of mine at a local benefits firm, who seemed a bit taken aback at the idea of a job with no benefits other than a salary.

“Wow,” she said, laughing. “That could certainly create a challenge… Of course, not every company has the ability to offer the kinds of thing Google offers, but a company that didn’t offer any benefits at all would be in danger of losing talent to companies that do.”

Why offer more benefits than are strictly necessary?

Okay, so it makes good sense to offer some benefits, but why go any farther than that?

“Offering employees the bare minimum in a benefits package doesn’t speak well for how an employer values his/her employees,” my friend said. “I would definitely consider it a red flag in a job search.”

Highgroove benefits reflect core values

Offering more than we strictly have to communicates to employees that we want a relationship with them that extends beyond exchanging money for work.

Our President, Charles Brian Quinn, said, “Benefits have to reflect our core values. We are craftspeople; we do everything with care and to the utmost of our ability. That means benefits, too.”

“For example, we buy only the best equipment for our employees. Left to their own devices, they might not spend quite as much on their tools,” he said. “By giving Highgroovers quality tools that they need, we also give them the freedom and ability to do good work.”

It might seem like a small thing to have powerful gear, but by purchasing everything the team needs, we are able to keep everyone on the same page with less down time. If a team member is wrestling with a computer problem, she or he isn’t able to focus on clients.

Highgroove has a commitment to craftsmanship and to providing quality benefits. Whether it’s the Results-Only Work Environment, the healthy food choices or the on-site personal trainer, taking the time to care for our employees is a policy that pays in every arena.

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Jim Hodgson

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