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Rails Girls ATL: Building ideas

Last weekend, we hosted our second Rails Girls workshop, inviting 50 women to come to our office to learn more about web development through the lens of Ruby on Rails.

There were balloons.


And there was coffee.


But mostly, what we found was a group of smart, talented women. Though the day is challenging, full of learning new concepts and trying new things, the workshop participants rose to the challenge and learned designing, prototyping and coding of their own web apps.

They also learned from the lightning talks given by members of the Ruby community, including one from Blithe Rocher, who attended our first Rails Girls workshop just last December and is now not only a coach, but also a Big Nerd Ranch intern.

Blithe talk

We are grateful to be part of a community committed to helping others succeed. In addition to our volunteer speakers and coaches, we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors:

  • The Phuse sponsored the installation party on Friday.

  • BackboneRails.com treated our coaches to dinner.

  • Engine Yard was our materials sponsor, covering the costs of printed items and our mugs.

  • Rocket Whale provided Saturday’s breakfast.

  • MailChimp sponsored lunch.

  • Octane donated espresso beans to keep us caffeinated.

  • Big Nerd Ranch not only hosted the event, but also sponsored the after-party.

Railsgirls poster

Want to be a part of our next workshop? Follow @RailsGirlsATL on Twitter and keep an eye on the Rails Girls ATL website.

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