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RailsConf 2012

Mike Skalnik

Highgroove sent me, Jonathan, and Patrick to RailsConf 2012. I’ve been learning a lot by going to some great talks and enjoying talking to my fellow Rails developers. If you see any of us, feel free to say hello!

There’s a big push to make this the most public RailsConf ever, so all talks are being recorded. On top of that, I have also been trying to take notes and make them public.

I’ve looked around on where to best put my efforts of note taking, and I found the repository of notes started by newhaven.rb. After a good pull request, they’ve given me push/pull access, which is awesome! You can check the notes out on GitHub.

So what kinds of awesome talks have I attended so far?

  • Keynote by DHH about not being scared of progress
  • Steve Klabnik’s talk on Designing Hypermedia APIs
  • Practical Machine Learning & Rails
  • Ruby on Rails on YOUR ROOMBA!
  • Scaling StillAlive from a RailsRumble project to 50,000+ users
  • Building realtime web apps with streaming REST
  • Keynote by Rich Hickey (developer of Clojure) on simplicity

It’s been fantastic RailsConf so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

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