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Rime of the Ancient Marinerd


Jaye Liptak

_Special guest post by Jaye Liptak, VP of Operations

Sincerest apologies to the the ghost of Mister Coleridge (and Iron Maiden ++md).

Aaron’s a lanky Cocoa Nerd,

He writ three books for thee.

By thy long brown locks and ten gallon hat,

He set this ship a’sea.

The Big Ranch gates are opened wide,

And Nerds are filing in;

The students are met, the classes are set:

Hear the keyboards’ clacking din.

It didn’t start out at all like this,

‘Twas but a gleam in Aaron’s eye,

An idea he could not let go,

Some-thing that he must try.

His goatee rubbed with gentle hand,

“We’ll teach the code,” quoth he.

We need a brain with business sense,

And in swooped Emi-ly.

We put in place a simple plan,

To teach and write the code.

We hoped the nerds would seek us out,

Arriving by bus-load.

We started with such meager means,

A projector and white-board.

A rented hotel conference room,

Were all we could afford.

The students cheered, our paychecks cleared,

Merrily did we yell.

We’re through the woods and up the hill,

Our hearts began to swell.

But lo! The sun came up, upon a theft,

Our projector and computers took’ed.

All our savings out the door,

It seemed our goose was cooked.

Our savior client Mark San-chez,

His perfect ortho grin.

Rescued us with one big hire,

And saved us from ru-in.

We hired nerds from near and far,

Only sharpest tacks would do.

Georgia Tech and New College,

Filled out our motley crew.

The students came and blogged with raves,

Their praises gave us chills.

They loved our classes in the woods,

At Historic Banning Mills.

And then the storm-blast came a ringing,

Twas iOS that struck the gongs.

Aaron H. and Joe Conway,

Brought in the mobile throngs.

With Dal-rymple and Juan Pab-lo,

Silver and Sher-man.

This crew of goofy brainiacs,

Is filling out our plan.

Pony Boy and Bill Phillips,

Add Android to our core.

Mikey, Keur and BT, too,

All plucked from th’Apple Store.

Jaye and Jami keep the classes,

Full and crackerjack.

While Stacy Henry makes sure we stay,

Al-ways within the black.

Jason Russell aligns the charge,

‘Tween nerd and clientele.

He knows the biz and what to do,

To make these combos gel.

With Preble comes a giant brain,

Unassuming quiet storm.

Students, clients catch on quick,

Around him they all swarm.

Harper, Gibson saved us all,

From pen-ciled stick figures.

And breathed life into our graphics group,

And my, how well it purrs.

We were blessed with gold when we hired,

Owen, Thomas, and Bo-lot.

And were humbled once again with

Galvin, Nate and Steve Marriott

Kentucky Jay and Alabam’ Monk,

Write code and debug apps.

Loads of bright ideas they give,

That keep us on the maps.

Mar-cel Speller in Netherland,

And Fernan-do in Spain.

Shout from virtual balcony

“All aboard the Euro Train!”

The smiling soft-spoke Chrises do,

Make quite a powerful trio.

Of course I am referring to,

Stewart, Moore, and Aquino

With Saggau in Manhattan,

And Blocksom in D.C.

They preach the ad-vanced topics,

Of the iOS, you see.

Christopher, Reece, Lunsford,

P. Turner and Gandee.

Hungry, yearning ever more

For clever brain candy

Sparks blazes in on truck with flames,

Rolf commutes on folded bike.

Norberto oft now crosses borders,

As McCune must toll the ‘Pike.

Kynerd, Jeffers, Mackintosh,

Round out this brilliant herd.

There is nothing near an albatross

Amongst this band of nerds.


Jaye Liptak

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