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We’re proud to announce that we’re hosting the Atlanta chapter of NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge. Space Apps is a chance for developers, designers, engineers, artists and tinkerers to team up and work on some of the exciting challenges published by NASA.

For 48 hours on April 20-21, participants will work in teams on challenges involving web services, data visualization, open hardware and more. The available challenges include projects like designing next-gen payloads for ArduSats, creating a 3D-printable model of a component from an ESA mission, visualizing Voyager 1’s journey and improving access to NASA datasets.

A key tenet of Space Apps 2013 is collaboration. Accordingly, we will facilitate and encourage joint efforts with remote participants and other locations around the world. If you can’t be at the event in person, we still invite you to work on a project with us as a virtual participant!

To kick off the event, we’ll be having a reception on Friday, April 19. Space is limited, so register now to ensure you have a spot. If Atlanta is out of your range, find your nearest location.

Check out the rest of the challenges. Which would you like to work on the most? Let us know via @spaceapps_atl and follow our progress on GitHub.

Are you looking for a partner in developing an app? Do you want to accelerate your learning? Zac Stewart and the rest of the nerds can help you get started.

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