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Tap into your Creativity with our Mobile Design Bootcamps


Brandy Porter

Get ready to tap into your creativity alongside the Nerds. Designers, developers and project managers: join us for our new Android Mobile Design and iOS Mobile Design bootcamps. In two days, these classes will teach you to design intuitive interfaces employing platform-specific conventions and innovative trends. You will learn vocabulary, current trends and how to work alongside developers to create a pixel-perfect app for mobile devices.

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Diversity in Design

We’ve created these classes for a range of students, from graphic designers who want to learn mobile design to designers who want to learn a new platform (for example, an iOS designer who wants to learn Android).

If you’re a developer, you’ll learn to design your app so that users will enjoy using it again and again. Knowing how to design a stellar user interface can change the way you think about development and improve your user’s experience with your product.

Even product owners and creative project managers can benefit from the class, as alumna Holley Silirie learned from her recent bootcamp experience.

Android Mobile Design

Our Android Mobile Design bootcamp will take place May 20-21 in Atlanta.

In this class, you will discover the latest from Android 4.0 and Material Design. You’ll learn how to modernize your app and interpret your user’s needs through informed design, research and testing. After this class, you will be able to make logical choices that relate to the aesthetics your audience expects while keeping up with design trends. We’ll also cover graphics optimization, so your app will complement different screen sizes and hardware features across any Android device.

iOS Mobile Design

The iOS Mobile Design bootcamp will be held May 18-19 in Atlanta.

In the iOS Mobile Design class, we’ll take an in-depth tour of standard iOS navigation models, UI elements and the importance of animation. You will design for touch gestures and input methods, then create interactive prototypes. You’ll learn about expected interaction patterns and then validate your design choices through usability testing.

Partner with the Experts

Ready to claim your spot? Register now before seats are filled. If you’re already a Big Nerd Ranch alumni, remember to take advantage of your 10 percent discount when you enroll. Nicole Rej will be happy to provide your unique code.


Brandy Porter

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