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Tech Talk on RescueTime


Charles Brian Quinn

Stafford is talking about productivity hacking with RescueTime. “It’s like server analytics for you and your time,” says Stafford.

We all like to think of ourselves as productive, but we can all use some help being more efficient. One tool Stafford likes using is RescueTime that tracks where you’re spending your time while using your computer.

RescueTime runs in the background, and tracks applications that are open. It then tries to help you classify which applications are productive and which are non-productive. It can show you how much time you’re spending browsing Facebook, versus writing code. You can even help it learn which tasks for you are more productive – for some people, email is productive, for others, maybe not.

There are some very cool charts that show where time is spent, in your browser, in your code editor, in your email client, etc. It can show you when you’re most productive, just by knowing. It also has a competition aspect, you can see how your productivity numbers stack against others, and even yourself each week.

Stafford goes in once a day to clean up his RescueTime and reclassify events like: “Chatting” which may be with a client, or with a friend.

Stafford also showed off the project view, which helps him realize what tasks he’s worked on for a client/project.

Stafford ended saying: “It’s a good gauge of when I’m being productive. If I’m not being productive, it’s time to leave and get away, go do something else, and come back when I’m productive to work.”

Check out the video on our Vimeo channel, in our Tech Talks.


Charles Brian Quinn

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