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Tech Talk on Visualizing Scaling


Charles Brian Quinn

This week’s Tech Talk was on Visualizing Scaling, and Consistent Hashing techniques for scaling data.

Patrick talked through several visualizations he created in HTML5 to visually explain many common scaling techniques.

If you’ve heard of the techniques and algorithms: “sharding” or “master-slave”, or even “consistent hashing” for distributing data across servers, but never really known how they work, this talk goes through the basics and shows visually how data can be scaled out across multiple servers.

“I never really understood some of these techniques until I saw them visually”, says Patrick, who has implemented many of these techniques for Highgroove’s many clients. He details the pros and cons and even how and when to start considering these techniques for scaling.

Check out the animations here on Github:


And, be sure to check out the video on Vimeo:

Consistent Hashing Tech Talk

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Charles Brian Quinn

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